Attended a Con From Your Couch | 2021 SDCC EXCLUSIVE

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Now, more than ever—wait, in these unprecedented times—wait, while navigating this new normal—well, you get the idea. Look, it’s been a year, but we’re all in this together…virtually. So here's to the easy access to charging stations, cheap concessions, and the comfiest con you've been to in years.

One of our three NEW merit badges for 2021!

There is a limit of TWO exclusive badges per household. 

  • 1.5" x 1.5" embroidered patch
  • iron-on backing
  • limited edition of 1000

Some FAQs about this badge! 

    How many badges am I allowed to order?

    There is a limit of two exclusive badges per household. We want to ensure everyone has a fair shot at getting this badge, especially with the convention being online this year. We hope that you can understand.

    What happens if someone tries to order more than two exclusive badges per household?

    We understand that an online exclusive can be incredibly frustrating for everyone, customers especially, and are working hard to make sure no one is circumventing our household limit. If an order has been cancelled, it is because our team noticed a discrepancy with the order. We reserve the right to refund and cancel any order for any reason if we suspect it to be gaming the system.

    Are you planning on making more of the exclusive badge?

    Like previous years, the exclusive badge is a Limited Edition. We manufacture a set number of them, and we will not be making any more. 

    Reselling badges

    As our customer, we’re always excited to see the different ways you implement our badges into your lives! We understand that sometimes that means they end up on resale websites, and we cannot control your choices. However, if we spot our badges listed during our sale, we will cancel your order. It is important for us to ensure every fan has a chance to get our badges at the prices we set for them.

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