The Con Rangers Team

We had been tossing around the idea of convention merit badges for years, and at SDCC 2016 we finally decided to make it happen. There were six designs, we only manufactured 50 of each badge, and they arrived Friday night of the con—but despite all that we rapidly sold out of our limited stock, and so the Con Rangers were born.

Many years later we're now a team of four dedicated rangers, working hard to bring you more merit badges, sashes, and scavenger hunts this year and the years to come.

Claire Hummel

Claire grew up attending sci-fi and toy conventions with her dad and her sister Em. She's been dutifully going to SDCC since 2002, and will probably continue doing to do so, against her best interests, until the heat-death of the universe.

Claire started designing the Con Rangers merit badges back in 2016, and is currently working on a lot of games at Valve.

Emily Hummel

Emily, like her sister, grew up spending way too much time at sci-fi conventions as a teen, though she’s a relative newcomer to SDCC! She is still recovering from the Blade Runner offsite in 2017, where she lived out her dream of abandoning her (replicant) sister to the blade runners and eating delicious noodles.

Emily spends most of her free time collecting internet ephemera for her newsletter, the Internet Explorers Club, and finding weird remnants of Los Angeles history.

Aidan Vitti

Aidan has been attending conventions since the early 2000’s and is nearing on a decade of dragging her partner unwillingly through scavenger hunt after scavenger hunt at SDCC. She can often be found telling people where to go and if they hurry, there isn’t a line right now (according to twitter).

She is a costume designer by day, and typically spends more time in an airport than her own bed.

Aziza Mansuri

Aziza began attending and cosplaying at conventions around 2007 and keeps coming back in progressively less comfortable shoes. When not in costume she enjoys being a salty cat lady, hoarding books, and spending time with her true love: video games.

Aziza currently teaches AP History and AP Snark to high schoolers.