When will my order arrive/my package is missing/what are your shipping policies?

For any information about how we ship out our products, you can check out our Shipping Policies page for more info.

If a merit badge is sold out in the store, have I missed my chance to get one?

All of our regular merit badges are currently open-edition, and will restock for future online and in-person sales! Otherwise our annual exclusive badges are sold exclusively on-site at SDCC, and will not be restocked or sold online.

Will you have more of the 50th Badge in stock?

Unfortunately, we are unable to make or sell anymore of the SDCC 2019 Exclusive 50th Badge. It was a legal agreement between ourselves and Comic-con to sell them only at the convention. We purchased over triple the amount of 2018's exclusive and had no idea it would blow up beyond that.

We are so sorry if you were not able to get one this year, and are working on a better distribution system for next year's SDCC.

Are you planning on making more of these? 

Absolutely! We have a huge list of ideas and designs that we’re excited to make available at conventions every year. At the moment, new patches debut at San Diego Comic-Con, but that may change in the future!

What kind of patches are these?

Our merit badges are 1.5” diameter, 100% embroidered patches with an iron-on backing. They’re washable, dry cleanable, shrink proof, and will often last longer than the clothing they’re attached to!

Who makes these?

We do! We design the patches ourselves, and work with a Boy Scout patch manufacturer in the US to make the final product.

How can I attach my merit badge to my shirt/sash/lanyard/backpack?

Our merit badges come with an iron-on backing so you can iron or sew them on as soon as possible, even with your hotel room iron.

Do I have to prove that I’ve earned a merit badge before I buy one?

Nope, Con Rangers runs entirely on the honor system. If you met a celebrity in a bathroom and not an elevator, your secret’s safe with us.

When will your online store be open?

Our store opens for week-long sales throughout the year. Check our social media or join our mailing list to find out when the next opening will be!

What conventions are the Con Rangers going to this year?

We have no current plans for any additional 2019 conventions, but we plan to be back at SDCC for 2020.

Are you doing a scavenger hunt again for next year's SDCC?

Yes! We love scavenger hunts - making them, doing them, seeing everyone enjoy them.

Have any additional questions? Send us a line!